Paul McCartney grabbed the drink after The Beatles | Entertainment


The now 78-year-old McCartney can now imagine that people thought he, John Lennon, Ringo Starr in George Harrison hated each other. “What I realize now is that because we were a family and we were a club, we argued. Families argue. All families have disagreements. Some people want one thing and others want the other ”, the British singer says GQ.

McCartney didn’t realize that fifty years ago. Shortly after the fracture, he dragged Allen Klein, the new manager of Lennon, will be brought to court for otherwise losing the rights to The Beatles’ discography. “As you can imagine, it was terrible and I went through difficult times. I drank way too much and did too much of everything, ”he looks back. “It was crazy, but I knew that was all I could do, because I couldn’t help but save all the work I had done. I also knew that if I could make it, I would make it for the rest (from The Beatles, ed.). They just wanted to give it away. ”


From Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono he got the wind out publicly several times. For example, Lennon took the well-known number How Do You Sleep? in which he lashes out at his former colleague. “And he sang: Yesterday is all you’ve ever done. And I thought, no, man. ”

Eventually the men talked it out. Before Lennon’s death in 1980, the two made up for it. “I’m very lucky in that regard. We settled our family argument and saw and spoke to him several times, so we were friends until the end. ”


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