Paul Gheysens pricks competition after cup win: “Competition should never have been stopped” and “I thought it was not so neat” – Football News


Paul Gheysens has a bit of an gram with Antwerp, because the cup win allows strain number 1 to enter the group stage of the Europa League. Still he came back to cancel the competition.

“Bart Verhaeghe has his club and I have mine, he does it his way and we do ours. We shouldn’t make too much of it,” Gheysens told the cameras of Sporza after the cup win.


But: “The competition should never have been stopped by me. Even Marc Van Ranst said that by mid-May the worst of the first wave would be over and they would have waited, then we could have taken second place.”

“It was not so neat that it was the teams that were second and third who decided on that”, the Antwerp strongman was clear. “Anyway, this cup definitely makes up for something!”


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