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Alderman Ilse Uyttersprot and pastor Dirk Moereels at the fair of Meldert in September 2019. Less than a year later, he will arrange her funeral.
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Aalst –
On Friday, August 14, the murdered ships Ilse Uyttersprot (CD&V) will be buried in her home village Moorsel. Pastor Dirk Moereels, who had a good relationship with Ilse, will preside over the service, but asks all residents of Aalst not to come to the church, nor to the church square in Moorsel, to attend the service. Due to the corona measures, only 85 people may be present.

It should be a serene, understated service. That is what priest Moereels has to say about the funeral ships Ilse Uyttersprot. Ilse was violently killed on August 4 by her partner Jurgen D .. Since then Aalst and in particular her home village Moorsel and her family have been deeply mourned. At a funeral, where normally thousands of people would line up on the street, due to the corona crisis, there is only a limited audience of 85 people. The family therefore broadcasts the entire service on YouTube, but you can also follow it live via TV Oost and Het Nieuwsblad.


“Just like the family, I want to ask not to come to the church or the square because of the corona rules,” says Dirk Moereels. “There will be nothing to be heard here.” It is also a special day for him, because the priest knew Uyttersprot well. Like him, Ilse was a real carnivalist and she appreciated a good joke. “It is of course also moving for me,” said the pastor. “But these feelings vanish in the face of the family’s suffering. Her death and the manner are still unreal. I had a good relationship with her. Ilse had an open personality, you knew what it was doing for you. Her answers were clear and straightforward, allowing me to reply as well. It was always pleasant to work together. ”

Yves Leterme

The service starts at 11 am and will last at least an hour. A small delegation from the Aalst choir Cantate Domino will sing and one of Ilse’s two sons will say a word. There will also be songs that the family has chosen to be played on CD. Yves Leterme will also give a speech during the celebration. Bart Van Lysebeth takes the floor from the local CD&V. He was an alderman when Uyttersprot was mayor and was known as her political soulmate. Everyone in the church will have to wear a mouth mask. Ilse is buried in the family grave, where her father, former mayor of Moorsel Raymond Uyttersprot, is also buried.

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