Passwords of 32,700 forum users music store Bax Shop leaked | NOW


The forum of the online music store Bax Shop has been hacked. Passwords and e-mail addresses of 32,000 users were stolen. Bax Shop confirms this to after reporting by RTL News, which received and verified the stolen database.

This specifically concerns information from forum users. User data of the online store, where people can order music equipment, has not been leaked.

The hacker denies RTL News that the passwords were poorly secured. Affected users will be notified by email tomorrow and advised to update their password. The leak is also reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Bax Music took the forum offline on Tuesday afternoon. At the time of writing, it’s not back yet. The page indicates that it will be “right back” and asks users to contact the helpdesk. It is unclear when the forum will return.


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