Parking Bag Holder Packs Mayor Leon: Cancel Balfour Protesters’ Parking Reports


After the parking reports that were distributed last night to the Balfour demonstrators – the holder of the parking bag, Adv. Yossi Havilio, asked Mayor Moshe Leon to cancel the fines and open parking lots for them in the city on Saturday, which are already empty

Posted on: 2.8.20 18:10

By: Shlomi Heller

Last night, Saturday, during the largest demonstration held in Balfour with the participation of more than 10,000 demonstrators – Jerusalem Municipality inspectors distributed reports in the area to vehicles parked in violation of the law. Holder of a parking file in the Jerusalem Municipality, Coalition member, Adv. Save Jerusalem) Tonight, turn to Mayor Moshe Leon to cancel the parking fines, and work to allocate parking lots in the city for the thousands of demonstrators who arrive.

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“In the last month, I have spoken to you several times about the need to allow the demonstrations to continue on Balfour Street near the Prime Minister’s Residence, and this is an important value of freedom of expression and freedom of demonstration, even in situations where certain nuisances are caused to residents.” “Yesterday I was shocked to hear that the inspectors of the Jerusalem municipality threw many parking reports to the vehicles of the demonstrators without any prior notice or coordination with me. Although it is clear that the provisions of the law must be respected even for parking – in many cases many people attend events. Many in their private vehicles – the Jerusalem municipality does not fully enforce the law. ”

His package emphasizes in his address that “I would like to make it clear that I am not talking about the days of the week, where I expect the demonstrators or protesters to find parking solutions legally or arrive by public transport, but for the large demonstrations held every Saturday and which are expected to continue. I believe – regardless of this or that political opinion (since fines were probably imposed on demonstrators from all corners of the political spectrum) – that the Jerusalem municipality should help the demonstrators and not try and make it difficult for them. ”

In addition, his packages seek to allocate parking lots for the demonstrators who arrive on Saturday. Balfour area as it is held at other mass events such as sporting events or gigs. I suggest, for example, that the new parking lot in the Beit Ha’am area (Gerard Bachar) will open every Saturday evening to the general public free of charge. The fee charged on the spot is minimal, but in my opinion, charging a fee will create loads at the entrance and exit, and it is better to leave the parking lots and checkpoints open. As for the parking lot in Gerard Bachar, there is no need for commutes either, as it is a walking distance from the center of the demonstrations, it is also close to the entrance to the city and is a good solution to the parking problem. All that is required is to advertise the thing as a large proportion of the protesters come from out of town and do not know the possible parking spaces. Another possible place for parking is the station complex, but there is a need for a shuttle system. ”

Its packages also offer the Cinema City parking lot, which is currently empty after the complex is inactive due to the Corona crisis: “There is ample parking – you can agree with the Cinema City management to open it to the public free of charge on Saturday.”

His packages add and clarify at the end of the application: “I request at this stage to cancel the reports given last Saturday and to freeze the issuance of future reports until a decision is made on my proposal. “If the municipality implements my plan, then there will be proper parking solutions and whoever chooses not to use them will of course be obliged to comply with the law for all that this implies.”

“The whole city” turned to the Jerusalem municipality, which responded: “The Jerusalem municipality will continue to enforce parking offenses in the public space according to the law.”

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