Paladin: “Without the Corona, I have no doubt I would have stayed in Jerusalem” – Sports5


Just a year and a half ago, it seemed thatJames Paladin He will end his career at Hapoel Jerusalem. At a special press conference in mid-January 2019, the Reds announced the extension of his contract for another two years, until the end of the 20/21 season. Jerusalem had an option to fulfill the contract until the end, but for economic reasons it had to part with whoever became its face in the last two years. A day after the club announced its departure from the guard, he said in an exclusive interview with the sports channel: ‘It will take me some time to digest what is happening. I have no doubt that if not for the corona, I will stay and continue where I was at home. ‘

So what went wrong, why do you not continue?
‘The whole Corona situation has completely changed the situation. My contract next season was supposed to be very high, and a situation was created that the team had a very hard time keeping up with. I did not want to put them in a position where they would honor the contract, but then that meant they could not pay reasonable wages to other players, and the team was unbalanced and even weaker, so I understood the situation. It’s something that’s been brewing for the last two weeks and I was hoping it would not, but it did happen. ‘

So you’re actually saying that while you’re playing, did you realize you’re not continuing?
‘It was in the air. I know all this time Guy Harel has been working very hard to bring in investors and raise funds for next season, and something in me did not want to believe we would get to that. I tried not to give it a place or expression during the games, but I knew it was a possibility that could come true. ‘

So the corona prevented you from staying in Jerusalem?
“Definitely. I have no shadow of a doubt that if not for this rush, I would have stayed, because the team would have continued to enjoy the financial success it had, and it could have afforded to pay me and other players at a high level. I was willing to take some cuts in the contract, but that’s not what would have helped the team in the long run. ‘

Do you have any complaints against the management for not being able to meet the contract?
‘Absolutely not. I do not have a single bad word to say about them. Throughout my time in Jerusalem, everything I wanted, everything I asked for, everyone did everything to make me feel at home there. I am sure that Hapoel Jerusalem is not the only team that is financially affected by this situation, it is very unfortunate but this is life. ”

You do not feel missed that in your time you failed to qualify for the playoff finals?
‘The last loss is still in my head and it’s been killing me for a week. The last two years the team has been excellent, I do not know to point out the reasons why I was not able to qualify for the final. It’s definitely on my mind, but who knows, maybe one day I’ll come back and fix it together. ‘

Two years in Jerusalem, I guess you have gained a lot of experiences. What will you take with you next?
‘Winning the first trophy, in front of our home crowd. It was an unforgettable evening, to see all our fans in the arena, to celebrate with them, it’s something I will remember all my life. ‘

Why would you miss Israel the most?
‘Oh, it’s easy. Send text messages to Katsch just so he will never answer me. It was permanent. I text him, waiting for a response, she never comes, and then he sees me in training and acts like he forgot to answer me. It has happened hundreds of times. ‘

Your next stop is on a flight in Spain?
‘I estimate it at 50-50. “Now it’s clear I’m not continuing in Jerusalem and everyone knows I’m a free agent, so I’ll give it a few more days to see what the market has to offer and see where it can develop.”


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