Owner car demolition company Hoogeveen assumes arson


The owner of DB Demontage in Hoogeveen thinks the fire was started at his car assembly company. This morning some 200 cars went up in flames on the Siemensstraat site.

“Cars don’t catch fire spontaneously. Moreover, it rained here this morning,” says the owner of DB Montage, who prefers to remain anonymous, to the big fire. “So I suspect an arson. Some children may have found a lighter in one of the cars.”

No extinguishing water available

Several fire departments pulled out this morning to get the fire at the Hoogeveen company under control. Due to the lack of a public fire-fighting water supply, it took a while before the fire brigade was able to fight the flames. The fire brigade eventually rolled out water hoses over several roads to collect water from the canal further away.

“I think it is negligent for the municipality that there is no extinguishing water here,” says the owner of DB Demontage. “Otherwise, the fire would not have been that big. When the fire brigade arrived, 20 cars were on fire, which eventually turned into 200.”

‘Just open again on Monday’

“Fortunately, things ended well under the circumstances. The most important thing is that no injuries were suffered,” the entrepreneur continues. “The affected cars would be scrapped anyway, but now I can no longer take parts out. The neighbor has a bit of damage, that is not too bad. And we can just open again on Monday.”

There are cameras at the site of the car breaker. The images are viewed by the police to investigate whether it is actually an arson. “Hopefully there is something on the camera images, otherwise the costs will be entirely for my account,” sighs the owner of DB Demontage.

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