Own news agency for Surinamese diaspora – Suriname Herald


The Diaspora Press Agency (DP) is a fact. This provides the Surinamese diaspora in Europe with its own news agency. A large part of the Surinamese diaspora lives in the Netherlands, more than 380,000, followed by France / French Guiana and Belgium. The news agency is an initiative of several individuals and organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France / French Guiana, England, Germany and Switzerland. DP is supervised by journalist Eric Mahabier.

The news agency will provide newspapers, radio and television channels, news sites and other media in the Netherlands and Suriname with national and international messages and articles. A network of journalists, reporters, columnists, writers and scientists has been found willing to volunteer to provide information to the diaspora community.

The focus is mainly on news from and for the Surinamese community in Europe. This includes reports and articles about daily events, economics, politics, education, human interest, science and developments in the fields of technology, art, music, literature and the environment and sustainability. In addition, people with special social achievements have their say in interviews and everyone with innovative ideas for society also has the opportunity to have their say.

Diaspora Press Agency is the news agency of the Surinamese diaspora. It is not only intended for people of Surinamese descent anywhere in the world, but also for those who have an affinity with the cultural and historical heritage of Suriname and also for entrepreneurs who want to do business in Suriname.


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