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The second wave of the corona virus in our country is also worrying other countries. Anyone traveling from our country to the United Kingdom will according to that The daily mail must be quarantined for two weeks. This is also the case in many other countries, and it is not inconceivable that more will be added if the number of new infections does not decrease.

With an average of 530.9 new infections per day, our country is viewed with suspicion from abroad. So has Norway our country has already been given code red, which means that whoever travels there must be quarantined for 10 days immediately. In Slovenia our country is also not on the list of safe epidemiological countries, and travelers must be quarantined for 14 days. The same applies to Iceland (although a negative corona test is sufficient there), Latvia in Estonia. In Lithuania travelers from Belgium are not welcome at all.

In The Netherlands in Germany only the province of Antwerp has been provisionally designated as a risk area. In concrete terms, it means that anyone traveling to Germany from that province will have to be quarantined there unless they can submit a negative corona test. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against “unnecessary, tourist travel” to the province of Antwerp. In the Netherlands, Antwerp is colored orange: quarantine and a test are recommended on arrival in the Netherlands, but it is not mandatory.

Completely red

Thursday it comes United Kingdom according to that The daily mail still with. The whole of our country is being classified as a risk area there, the newspaper reports. The decision would become official in the next few hours. Anyone who travels there after having stayed in our country for 48 hours or more will first have to spend two weeks in quarantine.

Our country is also very careful with other countries. Travel advice is available for each country on the Foreign Affairs website. The Foreign Office works with the much-discussed color codes, which make it clear whether or not you must undergo a corona test or quarantine when you travel to or return to a country. For example, several areas in France, Spain, Switzerland and many other countries are given the code red: traveling there is currently not allowed. This also applies to Lithuania. View here which regions are involved.


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