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חבר הכנסת ישראל אייכלר

MK Israel EichlerPhoto: Hillel Meir / TPS

The chairman of the Torah Judaism faction, Yitzhak Pindros, decided to impose factional sanctions on MK Israel Eichler after he abstained from voting on the overcoming clause.

MK Israel Eichler protested the chairman’s conduct “At the faction meeting on Monday, there were opinions here and there regarding the overcoming ruling and it was agreed to make a final decision on Wednesday morning.

In practice, the chairman of the faction did not convene another discussion and therefore there is no violation of factional discipline. MK Rabbi Eichler refrained from giving power to the Supreme Court, which always works against Judaism and the ultra-Orthodox public.

There have never been sanctions in the Torah Judaism faction. The faction has always known to contain all the variety of opinions it unites within it under one federation, and that is the secret of its power. “It is very unfortunate that the new chairman who is coming soon is running in a style that was never in the faction,” he said.

The overcoming clause was rejected by a huge majority of 71 against 5 members on the right. Recall that under the proposal, only the Supreme Court sitting in a panel of at least eleven judges, will be empowered to determine that a law is invalid. Coalition chairman Miki Zohar supported the proposal but this morning announced that he had instructed Likud members to abstain from voting.


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