Oss says goodbye to Arie den Dekker with 250 men of honor: ‘Impressive’


Oss says goodbye to Arie den Dekker. With a guard of honor and torches, about 250 people delivered a final greeting to the Ossenaar on Saturday, who set himself on fire at the town hall on Monday. One last act of desperation to reach the congregation after a long battle.

“They promised the man everything, but they didn’t do anything. They just screwed him up,” says a former neighbor. She also brought a final tribute to the town hall. She is furious with the municipality of Oss and the way they have treated Arie.

With her many others out there. “They just dropped it,” says Arie’s sister. “No matter how loud he called for help,” adds her daughter.

Watch below how Oss said goodbye to Arie den Dekker on Saturday.

‘Nice farewell’
“We can’t do anything more. Just make sure that despite all the sadness, it will still be a nice day and goodbye,” she says. When asked what they miss most about their brother and uncle, the answer is simply ‘everything’.

The hearse drove across the parking lot behind the town hall. In a procession, family and friends followed with torches in their hands. Many people stood by the side looking at it. It was called ‘impressive’. And something to ‘never forget’.

Arie felt let down by the judiciary and the municipality of Oss. He entered a witness protection program after making a statement about a liquidation in 2018. This went wrong because he talked his mouth out. He became homeless and wandered from place to place.

Shit thrower
De Ossenaar held several protest actions because he wanted to have his own house again. He threw shit and rubbish over him at the town hall. To convey the message that he was also treated as shit. In the last action, he took more drastic measures. He took a flammable liquid and lit it.

Arie made a statement in the Peter Netten case. He was shot dead near his house. After the statement, attacks were carried out on the Ossenaar. His house was set on fire. In the first fire, on September 13, 2018, his home was only slightly damaged. The second time, three days later, his house burned down completely. His dogs were killed in the process.

Arie’s funeral was in private on Saturday afternoon. Due to corona, not many people could attend. That is why the idea came up for the honorary hedge at the town hall.

Do you need help? Then you can contact Stichting 113 Suicide Prevention via 0900 0113 (available 24/7) and 113.nl.


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