Ordered the allocation of separate hours in the pool in the grove of dew


“Due to strict adherence to modesty, a large religious public is denied any possibility of using the pool”

The appeal was submitted by Rabbi Dror Arieh through Adv. Moshe Polsky, demanding that separate hours be allowed for the benefit of the religious public who come to the park. “The religious public is discriminated against by entering sites and pools with water. It is impossible for him to pay the best of his money and receive half the service ”

Today (Wednesday) an appeal was sent to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and the Director General of the Nature and Parks Authority, Shaul Goldstein, requesting that hours be allocated for a separate bath in the natural pool in the Horshet Tal National Park.

The application was sent by Adv. Moshe Polsky, on behalf of Rabbi Dror Arieh, who wants to represent the large religious community that comes to the site every summer.

In the ‘Horshet Tal’ national park, many vacationers spend their summer vacation, including a very large religious community. And only in the form of ‘mixed swimming’, “the appeal said.

“The prevention constitutes a serious violation of the vacationers’ rights, including the right to liberty, equality, human dignity, property and religious freedom. In light of the above, I would like to ask that it be their turn to open the pool in a format that allocates hours for separate swimming for men and women.”

The Tal grove is located in the Upper Galilee, in the north of the Hula Valley. The forest is defined as a national park by the Nature and Parks Authority, with lawns, an orchid reserve and a large water lake. Due to the approaching “between the times” vacation, many travelers from the religious and ultra-Orthodox public come to the place, for a day trip or overnight parking.

The referral to the ombudsman comes against the background of the Kiryat Arba pool affair, in which the High Court ordered the allocation of hours for mixed swimming in the pool for the benefit of non-religious residents of Kiryat Arba.

Rabbi Dror Arieh, initiator of the reference, said: “For many years, the religious and non-religious public, as well as the Arab, objects in a separate swim according to their conscience, discriminated and isolated from entering sites and pools with water. “.


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