Optimism about the existence of the Tel Aviv Judo Grand Prix


Tel Aviv Judo Grand Prix may open the international sporting events in Israel in the corona era. The Israeli Judo Association and the World Judo Association have already begun preparations for hosting the competition, which is scheduled to begin next January. In a conversation during the week between the chairman of the Israeli Judo Association, Moshe Ponti, and the chairman of the World Judo Association, Marius Wieser, the other said: “We are preparing for the Tel Aviv Grand Prix, the World Judo Association will do whatever it takes and the competition will take place.” .

The Israeli Association monitors the requirements of the Ministry of Health for the entry of foreign citizens into Israel, and collects information regarding medical requirements, training halls, hotel rooms and more. It should be noted that the corona projector, Roni Gamzo, recently allowed non-Israeli citizens to enter the country under restrictive conditions, which leads to an optimistic assessment in Israel that the competition will indeed take place.

“I have regular conversations and close and continuous contact with Marius Wieser, who is a great friend of Israel and of Israeli judo,” said Ponti. “I was very happy to hear that our initiative to hold the Grand Prix in Tel Aviv was not only welcomed with open arms, but also that Schweizer promised that the World Association would help as much as possible. “Corona and continue to do judo. I am sure that such an event will have a positive effect on the holding of cultural events and other sports.”

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