Opposition parties Venezuela boycott elections in joint manifesto NOW


27 opposition parties in Venezuela announced in a joint manifesto on Sunday to boycott the parliamentary elections in December. They do so in opposition to the “dictatorial strategy” of the Socialist Party of President Nicolás Maduro.

The elections scheduled for December 6 would be manipulated by the Socialist Party. Therefore, the parties feel that they participate in the strategy of the party when they participate in the elections.

“Venezuela, a country in a humanitarian crisis and a victim of criminal and oppressive dictatorship, deserves free, democratic and transparent elections,” opposition parties said.

Voluntad Popular, the party of opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó, Acción Democrática and Un Nuevo Tiempo, among others, signed the manifesto.

Maduro was also boycotted in 2018 for the same reason. After the elections, Guaidó became the interim president. He is recognized by dozens of countries, including the US, and the European Union, but his opposition movement has failed to oust Maduro. The Venezuelan president, among other things, still has a firm hold on the armed forces.

The boycott could lead to opposition parties losing their majority in the National Assembly. This may also complicate Guaidó’s position.


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