OPPO A91 review – maybe just keep saving?


We started with the OPPO A91 for a review. A smartphone that tries to serve the bottom of the market.

In addition to a real high-end smartphone like the Find X2 Pro, OPPO also has affordable smartphones in its range. These are aimed at buyers with a smaller wallet. The Chinese tech company itself says it wanted to bring the feeling of those more expensive models to a cheaper model like the A91 as much as possible, but whether that has also been successful?

OPPO A91 review – specifications

The OPPO A91 has a 6.4-inch FHD + AMOLED screen. The tech company immediately benefits from this. Because with a price of 299 euros, having an AMOLED screen is not so obvious at all. There are no less than four cameras on the back that look so impressive at first glance. A quad camera on a phone with this budget, what would it have to offer?

Furthermore, the smartphone has an in-display fingerprint scanner, support for 20W VOOC Flash Charge 3.0, 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. The device is 7.9 mm thick and weighs only 172 grams. That low weight is mainly due to the materials that OPPO has used. Plastic simply weighs little. The battery present has a capacity of 4,025mAh.

The display glass is Gorilla Glass 5. This means that there is an 80 percent chance that the device will survive falls from a height of 1.6 meters without damage. The screen has a resolution of 2400 x 1080 and a screen-to-body ratio of 90.7 percent. Moreover, it is the first time that an OPPO A-series smartphone has an AMOLED screen.

OPPO A91 review

OPPO A91 review – everyday use

All in all, those specs look completely fine for 299 euros, right? That was also our first reaction with the unpacking of the OPPO. Yet with this review we have discovered that just continuing to save is not such a bad idea at all. It starts with the feeling. The cheap price is partly in the housing. The OPPO feels a bit cheap and is not a party to hold in your hand.

OPPO A91 review back cover


The camera also turned out not to be as impressive as a quad setup would have us believe. For this OPPO A91 review I took some photos in the polder. The photos are rich in detail. For example, look at all the grass. The pictures were taken in daylight. Normally ideal conditions for the camera to perform.

OPPO A91 review camera

Unfortunately that was very disappointing. It seems like the AI ​​is trying too hard. If you zoom in even a little, you will see noise very quickly. Details in the distance are completely blurred, something you wouldn’t expect with a quad camera. A bunch of plants also looks strange and grainy. The sky is nicely displayed. The camera seems to have problems especially when a lot of details come into play. The grass and plants are an excellent example of this.

A little further on I wanted to give the camera a second chance. I took a picture against the evening sun. Again, the result is not fantastic. The colors of the number plates are not as yellow as in real life. Also, the real colors of the cars are not faithfully reproduced. Here came the same feeling that the AI ​​tries to get all sorts of things right, but it actually results in a disappointing photo.


The operation of the OPPO A91 was exactly as you would expect from OPPO during this review. I think ColorOS is a great mobile operating system and works well on the A91. I have no further comments about the performance. It works smoothly, intuitively and pleasantly. Entirely right!

OPPO A91 review from below

OPPO A91 review – Conclusion

After our review period with the OPPO A91, I have trouble coming up with a good conclusion for this. In the first place because I feel that it is better to keep saving for a while. 299 euros for an AMOLED smartphone is a competitive price, but it is clearly noticeable that the device does not score as you would like in all areas. If you are someone who uses a smartphone casually, you can get along well with the A91. However, it is true that a lot of competition is lurking. For example from Xiaomi, but also Samsung. The latter does very well with the A50 and as a potential buyer would first test it before you make the choice for an OPPO A91.


  • Good performance
  • AMOLED screen
  • Support for VOOC fast charging


  • Cheap housing
  • Cameras don’t know how to live up to it
  • Not a clear winner over the competition

The new OPPO A91 is now available for 299 euros. Coolblue and MediaMarkt, among others, sell this smartphone.


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