Opinion | The agreement with the UAE should serve as a lever for peace


The political breakthrough between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is a positive development. Although this is not a peace agreement, since there has never been a state of war between the countries, but a roadmap for promoting bilateral relations and a real upgrade in Israel’s relations with an important country in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates has increased its regional status in recent years. Along with its economic power, it has also begun to demonstrate political and military power, becoming an influential factor in the geopolitics of the Middle East, and even of the Mediterranean Basin.

At the same time, the crisis between the United Arab Emirates and the Palestinian Authority has intensified. For example, the emirate’s support for Muhammad Dahlan, Abu Mazen’s opponent, provoked resentment in Ramallah. Added to this were normalization measures against Israel, some of which were carried out on the backs of Palestinians – such as the Emirati plane that recently landed at Ben Gurion Airport, with medical assistance allegedly intended for the Palestinian Authority, which refused to accept it at all.

In a statement following the breakthrough with Israel, the Emirates expressed support for the Palestinians and a commitment to promote the establishment of a Palestinian state, but this did not translate into practical demands from Israel. In the past, the Gulf states have set concrete steps as a condition for normalization that will indicate real progress toward a two-state solution and an Israeli commitment to achieving it. The UAE seems to have given up on that, for now.


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