Opinion | On the way to the return to school outline, someone forgot what education is


There are thousands of male and female students in the country who study, experience and specialize in teaching at the best colleges and training institutions. It is possible to create smaller “capsules” and make the instruction more personal, emotional, close and supportive. Educators need to be taught remotely. Teach correctly from a distance, and not just sit in front of computers and talk. Need to incorporate hybrid teaching, use “reverse class” methods, teach throughout the day and not just in the mornings. In short, be much more creative and attentive to the challenges of education in the face of corona limitations.

In Israel, there is a concentration of creative minds in the fields of education, high-tech, inventive thinking and managerial understanding. Let education win. Teaching children at home, remotely, means the failure of society in training the citizens of tomorrow. The price will be seen in years to come, when those children will no longer be children, but will grow up as adults because of the corona someone forgot them at home and wrote an outline just to mark V.

Dr. Yonit Nissim is the head of the Faculty of Education and Teaching, Ohalo College in Katzrin, an academic college for education and teaching


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