Opening of the school year: Only first and third grades will open the year?


The director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, said this morning (Monday) in an interview with the GLC that the possibility is being examined that the kindergartens, as well as the three lower grades – A-C – will open the school year without the use of capsules (division of class into groups). Levy also said that fourth graders and up may not return to school on September 1.

Education Minister Yoav Galant responded to a discussion in the Education Committee: “This year a point will be opened on September 1. Anyone who says other things is trying to gain media attention at the expense of process stability and public panic. The government has decided and there is no reason to change. That’s up for discussion. ”

Galant added in the committee: “Every day that the education system is shut down costs NIS 300 million, accumulating huge sums, which means that any investment in this matter is an essential investment. The significant people in this matter are the teachers and teachers. Shifa Ben-David has joined them with great loyalty. The program we understand “First of all, it deals with the beginning of the education system, because if there is no operation, pedagogy is not important. Therefore, in the near future we will concentrate on this issue and when we start the year we will also update on these issues.

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Galant later commented on the health aspect: “An outbreak-preventing scenario that should allow the education system to continue all year round with ups and downs. A combination of distance learning and half-grade learning. There will be differential solutions according to the needs of different sectors. “We allow everyone to do different things because we understand that there are differences between the populations. The educational frameworks will operate regularly except in a situation of closure.”

Compared to Prof. Levy, chairman of the Education Committee, MK Ram Shefa (blue and white), he said in an interview with the GLC: “I tremble at the understanding of how much we can not open the school year properly. We must find solutions for fired teachers and children without frameworks. ”

Netanyahu marks a goal on the way to a vaccine for Corona. Photo: GPO

On the confrontation between him and Education Minister Yoav Galant, Shefa added: “Minister Galant and I still do not agree on parental payments. There is a demand to take a lot of money next year, and I think this is not the time to make it difficult.”

As you may recall, Minister Galant convened a press conference last week at which he presented the final outline formulated for the opening of the school year under the Corona restrictions. The program: 13,000 additional standards for teachers and teaching assistants, splitting classrooms and integrating distance learning, distributing 144,000 laptops and 60,000 smartphones to needy students and providing compatible surfing packages.


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