Open VLD: “Content that N-VA and PS push forward must be adjusted”


The Flemish liberals also remain behind the axis with the MR. “The liberal family is available to start negotiations on this in order to form a government with the three classic political families (liberals, socialists and Christian Democrats, ed.) And the N-VA.” According to Open VLD, this broad support is necessary, “in view of the major challenges facing our country”.

De Wever suggested yesterday that a “bubble of 5 parties” – the PS, the SP.A, CD&V, CDH and the N-VA – could form a government in two to three weeks. Only that composition can only boast 70 of the 150 Chamber seats, so at least a sixth party is needed. If Open VLD and the MR do not want to come along, the gaze automatically goes to Ecolo and Groen, but that seems even more complicated. The two green parties form an equally solid axis and, moreover, Ecolo has always said that it does not want to negotiate with the N-VA.


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