Open VLD chairman Egbert Lachaert fires sharply at Bar …


In a video message, Egbert Lachaert says “not to be threatened by other politicians”. The Open VLD chairman thus lashes out at N-VA chairman Bart De Wever, who he says dances too much to the feet of Paul Magnette (PS). “We need politicians who can bring people together, not publicly threaten them,” it says.

“Corona rules our lives, and to fight that crisis we need responsible directors. Politicians who can bring people together. No politicians who threaten or insult others publicly and thus bring solutions even further away, ”Lachaert begins his video message on Facebook.

Lachaert also makes it clear that he does not agree with the content of the policy note that is currently on the table, compiled by preformers Paul Magnette (PS) and Bart De Wever (N-VA). “We have always worked on solutions in the past year. Due to our latest efforts, the PS actually came to the table to talk to the N-VA. Now the content still has to be right, and that is not the case, ”he says. Lachaert also blames Bart De Wever for dancing to Magnette’s pipes. “People get sick, lose their jobs, families and friends live separately from each other… Then you expect a policy text to be about those matters. But what do we have now? A socialist economic program by Mr. Magnette. ”

The fact that Open VLD does not like the policy memorandum can ensure that the formation of a federal government does not work out again. Because although SP.A, CD&V and CDH see the plan of Magnette and De Wever, at least one (liberal) party is still needed to reach a majority. N-VA and PS do not want to do business with the French-speaking liberals of MR, De Wever clearly stated on Friday evening. But Open VLD does not want to rule without their sister party.

See the full video message below:


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