Open VLD as one man behind its chairman: note from De Wev …


The deal that N-VA and PS have made is not an acceptable basis to start government negotiations. This is not only the opinion of Open VLD chairman Egbert Lachaert, but also his party. The party bureau and all Open VLD MPs joined this Saturday morning. A new government is therefore not immediately ready, on the contrary.

“Heavy statements in TV studios do not move things forward.” After uttering this warning, N-VA chairman Bart De Wever made the news on Friday and in To the point the sledgehammer above. He denounced the attitude of the liberals, who substantively disagree with the proposals of N-VA and PS and put a note on the table that sets the bar very high. “We have never been so close to a government. Not forming them now would be criminally irresponsible, ”said the N-VA leader. He labeled the liberal note as an election program that only serves to make things go wrong.

De Wever needs at least one liberal party to get a majority. And that must be Open VLD. He does not trust MR. According to him, the French-speaking parties are only out to blow everything up, so that the Wilmès government – with the many MR ministers in it – can stay put.

If De Wever thought that he had charmed Open VLD with his statements or that he had encouraged the unloading of sister party MR, then that plan was not immediately successful. The liberals, meanwhile, have crept even closer together and are closing ranks. Lachaert convened an extensive party agency on Saturday – party agency supplemented with all members of parliament – and that unanimously gathered behind the party top.

Open VLD is prepared to quickly form a government, but not on the basis of the memorandum on which De Wever and Magnette agree. It is far too left-wing socio-economically and makes the country even more complex institutionally than it already is. That cannot be the intention, it says.

Perhaps even more fundamental than the content is the lack of trust and the broken relationships. The fact that the liberal proposals leaked in our newspaper on Saturday is bad news at Open VLD. The fact that De Wever needs Open VLD, but openly insults in the television studios, makes the Flemish liberals doubt the intentions of the N-VA chairman.

Open VLD does not want to unload the MR either. In view of the major crisis facing our country, there must be a government that is supported as widely as possible. And that requires N-VA and the three classic political families. We are now at day 433 after the elections, but the new federal government is still not really in sight.


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