Op1 substitute Margje Fikse could not handle this program Entertainment


“I was 25, such a program needs someone with life experience,” says Margje The Parool. “Bert van Leeuwen, who took over, was ideal for those family disputes. I had lost my father just before. He was 77, but died unexpectedly after falling down the stairs. Suddenly I sat there with children who no longer wanted to see their parents. Then I thought: come on, say. Step over it. At least you still have each other! I found it tough. And I also longed for more journalistic work. ”

Margje was then also a reporter for TweeVandaag and Netwerk and presents the radio program Dit is de Dag. Since this year she is a substitute presenter of Op1. “That I can now do Op1 is the result of starting calmly and then continuing steadily. My tactic has always been to be ready when they think again: ‘oh yes, we have Margje too’. ”

If they asked her to continue Op1 after the summer, Margje would immediately say yes. “I would like to do that. But that does not happen. Clear agreements have been made about this. It stays with this eight times. For the time being, then. “


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