Only cafe where Westvleteren is for sale has to close doors …


Photo: © Clément Philippe

The café ‘In de Vrede’ in Vleteren, the only café where the Westvleteren trappist is on the map, temporarily closes its doors. Safety for both customers and staff could no longer be guaranteed, an announcement said.

Saturday morning the Vleteren police, mayor Stephan Mourisse and the owners of the café came together to discuss the situation. “That happened at the request of the operators themselves,” says the mayor. “Because they get so many people, and not everyone respects the rules, they thought the risk was too great.”

Only café where Westvleteren is for sale has to close because of “unsafe situation”
Foto: Photo News

No more Westvleteren

“A difficult decision, but we want to take our responsibility,” writes café ‘In de Vrede’ on Facebook. “We can no longer guarantee the government-mandated guidelines in the context of the corona crisis because of the many visitors.”

According to Mourisse, it concerns 2,500 people who come by every day. “It is the only place in our country and perhaps the whole of Europe where you can order Westvleteren.” It explains the popularity of the case. “People come from all over here to taste the beer. Especially now that more trips are happening in your own country. ”

The operators are now examining with a prevention advisor how they will deal with the further situation. But first they close the doors for at least ten days. “Meanwhile, all personnel are also being tested,” it says. “Then we will see what is possible again. Our municipality is already coloring dark red on the map, we don’t want to take unnecessary risks. ”


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