OnePlus is switching to Samsung’s One UI with OxygenOS 11


When Android 11 sees the light of day, we’ll probably see OxygenOS 11 appear quite soon as well. OnePlus is working hard on the new operating system, which will bring a lot of changes. Not only do you as a user get a lot of new functionalities, but the software of your smartphone also changes considerably. And whether that is positive, that is a second.

Where OnePlus with OxygenOS currently uses stock Android, the company will switch with version 11. OnePlus is trading the almost bare version of Android for the not so bare version of Samsung. OxygenOS 11 will run on Samsung’s One UI. And that is actually quite a shame.

OnePlus runs OxygenOS 11 on Samsung’s One UI

OxygenOS 11 has many new additions. Consider, for example, a renewed Zen Mode, an Always On Display, a new font for the system and an optimized Dark Mode. Very cool for the users of the OnePlus Nord, among others. But a change has been made that many users probably do not like. OxygenOS 11 features a brand new design. The company is thus handing in one of its most valued parts.

OnePlus smartphones were not only praised for the price / quality ratio. OxygenOS was also often talked about. OnePlus’ operating system was heavily inspired by stock Android. It meant there wasn’t that thick of a layer over Google’s operating system at all, which made it all look pretty sleek. No striking colorful or cartoon-like icons, just nice and sleek. Only now that OnePlus is switching to a system based on Samsung’s One UI, this will change a lot.

The big difference is, as can be seen in the video below, especially noticeable in standard OnePlus apps. For example the messaging app or the weather app. It all looks a bit … more childish? Where the OnePlus smartphone with OxygenOS is often called a No nonsense could be called a phone, the smartphone now comes with much more fanfare.

Striking move

The question is whether the average OnePlus user is waiting for that. First, let’s make it clear that, as far as we know, OnePlus has no reason to move away from stock Android. Certainly in the early days there have been many users who, precisely for this reason, switched to OnePlus. Considering the fact that the Google Pixel smartphones are not for sale in our country, these are the smartphones that came closest to stock Android. Personally, I found OxygenOS, without a doubt, the best Android operating system on the market. And it is really a shame that a company like OnePlus is abandoning it.

Something that the OnePlus community, with which the company has an extremely good relationship, probably agrees.

OnePlus has changed a lot

During the launch of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, I already wrote about the changes of OnePlus as a company. Where it used to be the beloved underdog, it has become a mainstream player in 2020. The company previously sold flagship-quality smartphones for a mid-range price. Little is left of that at the moment. And that while the OnePlus Nord has now seen the light of day.

The change is now also clearly visible in the software area. Cheap smartphones of excellent quality with a virtually bare version of Android. That company is no longer there. OnePlus seems to be increasingly heading towards a mainstream phone manufacturer and thus loses its own identity. We had actually lost a bit of the OnePlus of the past and that has only become even clearer with this move.

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