OnePlus has OxygenOS 11 almost ready for Android 11 release


OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has announced the arrival of OxygenOS 11 Final preview. On August 10, developers can release with the final operating system preview. That means that OnePlus is finalizing development. Good news for the consumer.

The announcement makes it clear that OnePlus is busy finishing the operating system. When Google launches Android 11, users of the smartphones of the brand can also quickly get started.

OnePlus announces OxygenOS 11 Final Preview

You don’t have to wait long for the arrival of the OxygenOS 11 Final Preview. The company forum announces that it will be available on August 10. The operating system preview is primarily for developers.

What exactly we can expect from the beta is not yet known. Pete Lau does let us know that we can expect a refreshing design. This in combination with high-quality functionalities. Furthermore, the Android variant remains close to itself. OnePlus ensures that OxygenOS 11 is again fast and tidy. There are also several options to set up the system completely to your own liking.

OxygenOS 11 OnePlus
The new operating system (Image: OnePlus)

What do we already know?

The above is what has been said through official channels, but there are also plenty of rumors to be found about the system. For example, an Always On display function is expected for OxygenOS 11. OnePlus has already discussed this several times and it may just be that we can expect this in version 11. It is not yet known exactly how this will look. There is a good chance that much will be taken over from how other companies approach it. Without tapping the screen you could therefore view the time, your agenda and notifications.

It is not yet known on which smartphones OxygenOS 11 will be available. But if we look a bit at the past of OnePlus, the focus will probably be on the OnePlus 8 series and the OnePlus Nord. Curious what we thought of the latter device? Read our review here!

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OnePlus is getting ready for OxygenOS 11: operating system is coming soon


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