OnePlus bloatware is a thing now


With a new OnePlus you can expect bloatware. For installed software that you are not waiting for.

OnePlus is known as a brand that delivers a relatively clean OS with OxyGenOS. Compared to, for example, Android on a Xiaomi, you do not have to deal with all kinds of annoying apps on a OnePlus. OnePlus is not completely free from sin. OnePlus is also dealing with bloatware.

Bloatware from Facebook can be found on the latest smartphones of the brand. Services and apps from Facebook are automatically set up and installed with the setting up of a new OnePlus smartphone. Once installed, you cannot remove all apps one hundred percent from the phone. So you will have to make do with it. For example, the Facebook App Installer and App Manager can be found permanently on the device.

Since the arrival of the OnePlus 8 Series, the Chinese tech company has been doing this. OnePlus has a partnership with Facebook. The American company has to pay OnePlus in exchange for this service. Many people use, for example, Facebook and Instagram. This group will therefore not be annoyed by the arrival of the standard installed apps. Users who are not active on social media will be less satisfied with this collaboration from OnePlus and the arrival of bloatware.


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