On the way to the election? Mickey Zohar: “We are about to divorce a white brush”


The coalition rift is exacerbating: In the shadow of the disagreements over the transfer of the budget between the Likud and Blue and White, there are sharp statements from both sides that increase the grave fear of further elections. Meanwhile, MK Mickey glows He said today (Sunday) in an interview given here by Network B: “There is a chasm between us (the Likud) and blue and white on many issues at the ideological level.”

Zohar exacerbated the attack, adding: “This is similar to a couple who want a divorce. Feels that Otto is entering the rabbinate and signing the divorce. The feeling at the moment is that no matter what is done – it is about to end between us and Blue and White. ”

The coalition chairman added: “Every decision we make has a price. Because there is currently no coalition stability – this deterioration will only continue. As we pass the time, we fail to function as a good coalition. Today we have reached the worst point since the formation of the government. We are at a critical junction where we need to decide where we are headed. If Ganz and Netanyahu decide not to continue to hold the government – Should try to form an alternative government or go to the polls“.

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Meir Spiegler, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Katz (Photo: Haim Tzach, GPO)

PM: “Annual budget can be passed tomorrow”

Afterwards, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement to the media: “We can overcome most of the economic crisis. We need to inject money into a three-month budget, a maximum of four in the immediate term. We do not know what the global picture will look like in the longer term. The government should not fall, the budget can pass tomorrow. My common sense speaks and so do that of the citizens. ”

Netanyahu added: “We have taken a series of economic measures – encouraging employees and the self-employed, extending entitlement to unemployment benefits and an assistance budget. These are measures that have the significance of driving the wheels of the economy. We have seen credit card usage figures more or less high, We want – to produce consumption in order to create demand for products and service for people. ”

“The next step,” the prime minister continued, “and I’m talking about it with the finance minister and advisers – is how to incentivize growth and employment in Corona. There are areas that can develop uniquely. We are with considerable innovative and digital capabilities. In an international comparison, my impression is that we are not The worst, to say the least. ”

Minister Katz did not submit his proposal

In an interview on 103FM, the Minister of Finance commented Israel Katz On the subject of the budget, he said: “The Prime Minister, like me, thinks that an urgent budget should be submitted. Regarding budget, say 20 ‘, 21′, two months, month, week. There are two alternatives – one, to submit immediately with two days’ notice to conclude negotiations with the ministries from the moment the signal of the finance officials is given, to submit a budget prepared and approved by the Prime Minister, the arrangements laws approved by the ombudsman, can be submitted within two days The same to the Knesset. “

Miki Zohar, Israel Katz (Photo: Adina Wallman, Knesset Spokeswoman)Miki Zohar, Israel Katz (Photo: Adina Wallman, Knesset Spokeswoman)

“The existing budget is for 2020,” Katz continued.There is no biennial budget currently ready. The second option, wait until November at the earliest and submit a biennial budget. I offer a compromise. “I proposed to transfer this budget, to extend the duration of the possibility of submitting a budget from August 25, because if it is not accessible, we will go to the polls according to an amended Basic Law, to do things at the same time and continue the discussions.”

Asked if MK Zohar is trying to overthrow the government, the finance minister replied: “I have no idea. When I had friction with him, it was against the background of his attempt to prevent the law for NIS 90 billion in aid, and I said whoever stood in my way, I would ban him from the road – whether from the Likud or another party. I am in favor of the public and the public interest and against any attempt to change that, from that moment I have no interest in who did or tried to do. Once I passed the law unanimously with the full support of the Knesset, this thing for me ended. I am working on its implementation with the finance officials, and everyone is doing a dedicated job in implementing the policy I am leading. ”


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