On the way to an agreement? The Prime Minister of Bahrain paid a quick visit outside the country


Bahrain’s prime minister, Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al – Khalifa, has left the kingdom for a ‘private visit’ outside the country, Bahrain’s media adviser announced on Twitter today (Saturday). This is against the background of speculation that the Little Princess in the Gulf may follow in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates and sign a normalization agreement in relations.

Bahrain, whose Sunni monarchy controls the Shiite majority, is a close ally of the United States and it hosts the Fifth Fleet base. She fears Iran, and has spoken out many times in recent years in favor of Israel. She congratulated Abu Dhabi on the agreement announced on Thursday, mediated by the United States.

“We congratulate the United Arab Emirates on the agreement with Israel that halted the annexation of Palestinian lands and that it has taken steps towards peace,” Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday. “These historic steps will help stabilize the region. We continue to strive for a just solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.”

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