Omroep Flevoland – News – Now also the Almere branch Hettebouw is bankrupt


The contracting company Almere Hettebouw BV was declared bankrupt on Thursday. Earlier this week, the bankruptcy of two other companies of Hettebouw, which is located in Marknesse, was already declared. The curator cannot yet provide background information and first wants to collect more information. She is investigating a restart.

The demise entails a lot of uncertainty for buyers of about 100 homes of projects Tulp 1 and 2, and Flamingopoort in Oosterwold in Almere. Buyers now do not know when their house will be delivered. At the moment there are half-finished houses, houses that have not been built well and houses of which there is only a foundation after two years.

At least two proceedings have been initiated against Hettebouw before the Arbitration Board for the Construction Industry. The project developer of Tulp 1 demanded that 24 homes be better insulated. Two buyers also found that the facade and roof insulation in their homes had not been properly installed and that their home was too low.

Both the project developer and the buyers have been successful by the Arbitration Board. The latter ruled that the contractor must repair the defects and also imposed a penalty on Hettebouw, which has now been declared bankrupt. The houses are built under the guarantee of Woningborg. In the event of bankruptcy, Woningborg ensures that the homes are completed.

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