Olympic stadium removes controversial statue


The Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam removes a statue of a man with an outstretched arm. The image reminds many passers-by of a Hitler salute. It is not, but the greeting does come from the time of the fascists, Trouw writes.

Research was conducted for a year into the statue that has been there since 1928. Then the Olympics were held there. The Nazis are therefore not much in between. On the sign next to the statue you can read that it is an ‘old Roman greeting’. But according to the director that is not correct.

The gesture was introduced at the Paris Games in 1924 and is known as an Olympic greeting, but at the same time the fascists in Italy emerged. There is no direct link to the image, but “once you have established that the greeting itself can be traced directly back to fascism, you have to take action,” he said. The statue will get a new place inside.


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