Ohana’s candidate for the post of commissioner has a long way to go


But unlike some of his predecessors, who rolled the ball to the adviser when a dispute arose, for example over the reappointment of Jacob Frenkel as governor of the Bank of Israel, Goldberg will not seek backing from Mandelblit, who was born six months before Goldberg began judging. Goldberg’s justified self-confidence and his ability to rule on the credibility of witnesses and documents make him, as chairman of the committee, a kind of judge-investigator.

If Ohana and the candidate who proposes – and also the candidate for the Prisons Service Commissioner, who may be Superintendent Cohen if he does not run for full commissioner – bothered to learn the lesson of Edri’s story, they will carefully check the skeletons, dry bones and connections to Netanyahu Even if only for a week or two, it will be revealed to the public.

Otherwise, the line “was a candidate for commissioner,” which appeared in the resumes of Yaakov Ganot, Gal Hirsch and Chico Edri, may yet reappear.

(First update: 14:18)


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