Ohana in an angry post against retired police commissioner-Yohanan Danino


Not left obligated: Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana Did not remain obligated, and last night posted a post on Facebook addressed to the former police commissioner, retired RNZ John Danino, And responded to the fact that he attacked the minister and accused him of crossing an alleged red line, emphasizing that during the period the police did not use hallucinations in 2011 for the purpose of dispersing the demonstrations.

Ohana, who examined the tenure of retired RNC Danino, revealed that during the dispersal of protests by the Ethiopian community in Tel Aviv during 2015, while Danino served as police commissioner, the police used anti-demonstration tactics.

“This week Danino shouted and said, ‘Ohana crossed a red line. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. In the 2011 protest, we closed Tel Aviv for two months and never used the “olive” plague.

I do not know what caused former Commissioner Yohanan Danino to launch a media attack after a long period that was not in the headlines (at least not in his favor …), …

Posted by Amir Ohana – Amir Ohana on Saturday, August 1, 2020

Indeed, during the social protest in 2011, the police allowed Tel Aviv to be closed for two months and did not use olive groves during this period. However, in the Ethiopian protest in May 2015, while Danino served as commissioner, they used grooms, horses and cavalry, As well as dozens of stun grenades thrown at the protesters. ”

Ohana opened the post with a sting towards Danino, noting: “I do not know what caused the former commissioner to launch a media attack, after a long period that was not in the headlines, at least not in his favor. “It seems that Danino is about to receive much less flattering headlines soon, along with other factors, and perhaps this is the reason why he rushed to rake in one pleasant headline.” Former State, Shai Nitzan.

Yohanan Danino, retired police commissioner (Photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90)

Ohana summed up the post and wrote: “I do not ask for political police. On the contrary, only police treatment is equal to all population groups – will ensure non-political police. . I’m not dealing with “how.” It is an operational consideration of the police.


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