OH Leuven and Beerschot have to make do with less TV money – Football News


Whatever the result in the promotion final, Oud-Heverlee Leuven and Beerschot will start the 2020/21 season as fully-fledged first division teams. Or not quite …

On Friday, the Pro League decided to switch to a format with 18 clubs. Waasland-Beveren was thus not sentenced to relegation and OH Leuven and Beerschot, the promotion finalists, will both obtain their doctorates.

But there is a concession to be made. For example, during the first two seasons, OHL and Beerschot will receive TV money as if they were clubs from 1B. That said Luc Neefs, member of the Board of Directors, for the club media of the Mannekes.

The two PhD students from 1B will therefore have to make do with less income from TV funds compared to their series peers.


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