Ofek Ovadia signed with Hapoel Tel Aviv for five years


Continues to build on the young players in the long run. Hapoel Tel Aviv announced today (Sunday) the signing of a five-year contract by Ofek Ovadia. The midfielder, who grew up in the club’s youth department, said after the signing: “I am happy to sign a contract at the club where I grew up. It is an important milestone and an exciting moment for me. I look forward to the opportunity to prove myself on the pitch.”

The player’s agent, Idan Ben Abu: “I am happy to sign Hapoel Ofek Ovadia, who from a young age was marked as the one who will conquer not only goals, but also the hearts of the fans with his extraordinary talent – and secure his future at the Red Club.”

In fact, all the young people on the Reds’ roster – Shavit Mazal, Tom Achi Mordechai, Doron Leidner, Ilai Tamam, Amit Meir and now also Ofek Ovadia – are already under long-term contracts, as is Raz Shlomo. Shai Eisen’s contract is still being worked on at the club.


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