Nurses enraged to hospital ‘corona bonus’ managers


The nursing staff at the Zaans Medical Center is outraged by a ‘corona bonus’ that has been secretly paid to managers. The employees who stood at the beds at risk to their own health should not expect any bonus.

This is reported by several parties involved and is also apparent from internal correspondence in the possession of The Telegraph. The works council accidentally found out about the benefit, given because of overtime, after which several members “steamed out of their ears”, it can be read.

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The Zaans Medical Center regrets the situation

“Apparently, the extra time of these people is valued differently than the deployment of a ‘normal’ employee in a department with critically ill corona patients.” The ZMC regrets the situation, and says it understands that it “feels differently”.

Chairman CNV Zorg & Welzijn Anneke Westerlaken calls it “not smart. Especially when people are dead tired in the ropes. ”



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