“Number of players and staff has had the corona virus”


That word has become so inflationary that it has little meaning. It is no longer a theory but a fact. Tax money flows to pharmaceutical billionaires, companies that have been sponsored by Bill Gates for years. Is that a sponsor or shall we just call it investment?I also find the ties of Minister de Jonge’s brother (Marien) in industry striking. Worked as a microbiologist for the company (Merck) which is a subsidiary of the company (AstraZeneca) that will make the 300 million vaccines. 750 million euros in taxpayer money goes there. And oh well, to top it all, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also sponsored them, uh oh oh, invested in …

You can dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory’ and live in lala country, but maybe there is more going on. The fact remains that many people live in total panic (I call the people psychosis of the journal junkies) while they accused sober people who are still thinking a little bit about being a ‘crazy’ conspiracy thinker. The world is really upside down.

It seems unwise to me to rely 100% on a government and government that have been known for lying and cheating for years. Ignoring referendums etc. Error on error. Affair after affair.

Health law reform is also one thing. How much tax money now goes to insurers via surcharges? That was, of course, a hand clap!

The social rent then. How many surcharges are going to these landlords now? After the changes in the surcharges law, a landlord tax suddenly came, which is of course fully passed on to tenants, so that the rents increased enormously and so did the surcharges. In other words, the landlords make a lot of money from the tax-sponsored rents.

Left or right, the government is nothing more than a big pot of money and those who lobbie the hardest through sensitive politicians with machr ambitions can really enjoy it. You see it time and time again.


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