Number of people with corona nearly doubled last week


Region – Last week, 2,588 new individuals were reported nationally who tested positive for COVID-19. That is 1,259 more reports than the number of reports in the week before when 1,329 new persons with a COVID-19 infection were reported.

There are major regional differences in the number of reports. (see figure 1). In South Holland in particular, followed by North Holland and North Brabant, there has been an increase in the number of reports. (see epidemiological report)

Percentage of positive tests doubled in the past week, fewer people tested
Between July 27 and August 2, the number of people who had themselves tested at the test locations of the GGD Municipal Health Service ‘and just above 100,000 *, a decrease of about 10,000 people tested compared to the week before. The test results of just under 100,000 people are now known. The percentage of positive tests in the GGD test lanes has more than doubled from 1.1% in the week of July 20 to 2.3% in the week of July 27.

In almost all regions, the percentage of positive tests is higher than last week, which was the highest (3% -7%) in the GGD regions of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Amsterdam, West Brabant, and Haaglanden. These are also the regions where most of the known clusters are, and where a relatively large number of people have been tested because they were a close contact of a person with proven COVID-19.

We see a quarter of the people tested positive in the 20 to 29 age group. However, half of the positively tested persons admitted to hospital are aged 60 or older. In the past week, 44 patients have been reported who have been or have been hospitalized due to COVID-19. That is 21 more than last week.


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