Number of infections increases to an average of 465 per day, always …


As expected, the number of new coronavirus infections in Belgium continues to increase. Between July 23 and 29, this involved an average of 465.4 cases per day, an increase of 78 percent compared to a week earlier. More and more tests are done on their own initiative.

The number of hospital admissions is also showing a clear increase, according to data from Sciensano on Sunday. In the past week, an average of 25.0 people per day with covid-19 were hospitalized. That is an increase of 84 percent in one week.

Moreover, the number of deaths is also increasing. The average is 2.7 deaths per day, an increase of 12 percent.

In total, 69,402 people have already been infected with the corona virus in Belgium. That is 651 more than the number reported on Saturday. 9,845 people died of Covid-19, which is four more than was indicated on Saturday.

More and more tests on own initiative

It is getting busier in the labs that perform corona tests. But it’s not always the people who are referred by the family doctor who have a test taken. At Medilab no less than one in five people comes on their own initiative.

‘We have noticed for more than fourteen days that more people come spontaneously to have themselves tested, especially young people. We do about 200 tests a day, of which about 15 to 20 percent come in without a doctor’s certificate, ‘says medical director Philippe Cuigniez of Medilab. Het Nieuwsblad on Sunday.

Other laboratories are also noticing an increasing demand for voluntary testing. ‘It is up to GPs to consider how useful or how necessary it is to have a test done. We cannot suddenly test everyone, because that way we will quickly collide with the test capacity, ‘says Dr Barbara Leus, clinical biologist at Labo Nuytinck Anacura.

Epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme also emphasizes that it is absolutely not the intention to suddenly start testing everyone. ‘We have to use those tests sparingly and we must not overload the doctors and labs. So they should only be used for those who really need it, not frightened or curious people. ”


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