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Novax (NYSE: NVAX) yesterday released positive results in a Phase 1 trial of developing a corona vaccine. The results of the experiment, which was performed on 131 volunteers, showed that after two doses of the vaccine developed by the company, the participants developed neutralizing antibodies at levels four times higher than the antibodies developed by people who had recovered from the corona virus.

Neutralizing antibodies fight the virus that causes corona “It’s good. It’s really encouraging” he said Novhawks President, Dr. Gregory Glenn. The report said the vaccine caused a response of T cells, a type of immune cell, according to an analysis of 16 randomly selected volunteers. The report was submitted to a medical journal but has not yet been reviewed by scientists outside Novoaks or published.

Study participants received two doses of the vaccine in different doses, with and without a food supplement – an ingredient to boost the immune system. Of the 126 people who received the vaccine, 5 developed severe side effects, including muscle aches, nausea and joint pain, and one suffered from mild fever. The side effects lasted an average of two days or less. Twenty-five volunteers received placebo injections (without the vaccine). Three of the volunteers had side effects, Glenn said.





In addition, Novhawks has released data on animal research. In the study, 12 monkeys received two doses of the vaccine and were then exposed to the corona virus. 11 of the 12 monkeys showed no signs of nasal infection or health. One monkey, which received a low dose of the vaccine, showed signs of lung infection, but all signs of the virus disappeared two days later. Two other U.S. companies – Modern and Pfizer – also released encouraging data, when last week, the two companies began a Phase 3 trial with 30,000 volunteers in each trial.

The Novax, Modern, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson & Astra Zenka companies have all received funding from the Federal Government’s program to develop corona virus vaccines, and two other anonymous companies will also receive funding, according to Munczep Slawi, who heads The plan. Slawi said he expects the vaccine to be available in December or January with enough doses for high-risk Americans, such as the elderly and those with background illnesses. He said he expects there will be enough vaccines for all Americans by the end of 2021.

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