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This coming Friday it is finally happening. After a five-month hiatus, the Champions League is finally back with the quarter-finals rematch, and it’s time to check out which players will miss the decisive battles.

With the return of the Champions League, the fantasy league of Altuschler Shaham will return, and it’s your time. Update the team compositions you have built. Hurry up! The window closes on Friday.

Friday, August 7 (22:00)
Manchester City v Real Madrid (1: 2, live on5SPORT)

After losing the championship to Liverpool, Pep Guardiola’s team wants to storm the goal for which the Catalan coach was brought. The Citizens will miss Sergio Aguero, who also did not open at the Santiago Bernabeu and suffers a knee injury. Whoever might open in his place is Gabriel Jesus, unless Guardiola decides to surprise again. Another player who will be absent is the suspended Benjamin Mandy, and his place is set to be taken by Joao Canselo.

On the other hand, Real Madrid wants to ride on the momentum from the Spanish championship even in the factory that is most identified with it. Zinedine Zidane will suffer the loss of his captain, the yellowed Sergio Ramos, and the one who will cooperate in the center of defense with Rafael Varane is the Brazilian Adar Milito. Mariano Diaz, who is still positive for Corona, is still out of the squad. Eden Hazard and Marcelo are in doubt, and their place may be taken by Vinicius Jr. and Perlan Mandy respectively. Hamas Rodriguez and Gareth Bale are out for professional reasons. Those who will have to be careful with Pada Valvareda and Luca Modric, that yellow will make them absent from the next game, if Real get to it.

Juventus – Lyon (1: 0, Live broadcast on5PLUS)
The old lady may have won the championship, but she arrives at the game in an unimpressive shape and with quite a few setbacks. Injured Mathieu de Shilion, Sammy Penetration and Douglas Costa will be absent. Paulo Dybala, who is recovering from a hip injury, is also in doubt but is expected to play. If the Argentine star still does not qualify, those who will start the attack alongside Cristiano Ronaldo are Gonzalo Higuain and Federico Bernardski.

Lyon, on the other hand, arrive after losing on penalties in the League Cup final to Paris Saint-Germain, and before that their last official match was somewhere on March 8. Rudy Garcia will enjoy an almost full squad, with two of his stars Jeff Rain-Adelaide and Memphis DePay, who were not supposed to play back-to-back, taking advantage of the Corona break to recover and be fit. The one who will still be absent is the left-back who replaces Yusuf Kona, with Marcelo and Kenny Tata in doubt.

Saturday, August 8 (22:00)
Barcelona – Napoli (1: 1, live broadcast on5SPORT)
After the failure in the Spanish league, the Catalans hope to complete the promotion to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and perhaps even calm the spirits at the club a bit. Kika Stein will miss the suspended Sergio Busquets and Arturo Vidal, as well as the injured Samuel Omititi and Osman Dembele, and Arthur who is waiting in Brazil at all to move to Juventus. In addition, Calmon Langela, Antoine Griezmann and Ronald Araujo are in doubt.On the other hand, Gennaro Gattuso’s team hopes to take advantage of its rival’s dilapidated situation to surprise. The injured Costas Manolas will be absent, while Nikola Maksimovic and Lorenzo Insigne are in doubt.

Bayern Munich – Chelsea (0: 3, live broadcast on5PLUS)
The Bavarians have already done their job at Stamford Bridge, and only a huge sensation will keep them out of the quarterfinals. The one who will still be absent is Benjamin Favre, who has an ankle injury, and may be replaced by Yuzua Kimich. The German star will have to be careful of absorbing yellow that will cause him to miss the next stage, as will Thiago Alcantara.

On the other hand, Frank Lampard not only comes in at a disadvantage following the result, but with quite a few shortcomings in the squad, and these are names: Marcus Alonso and Giorgini are suspended, while Ruben Loftus-Chick, Christian Polishic, Cesar Aspliquata, Pedro and Billy Gilmore are injured. And if that’s not enough, Angulo Canta is in doubt and Willian with a foot and a half at Arsenal.


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