Not just Europe: The Eurovision Song Contest is coming to America


New York, Doz Foa: The Eurovision Song Contest in its familiar version, the one in which European countries (and Australia) participate, may not have taken place this year for the first time in history due to the spread of the corona virus – but there is definitely something to look forward to in 2021.

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The European Broadcasting Union officially announced today (Friday) that next year, in parallel with the well-known Eurovision Song Contest, of which Israel is a part, the American Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast for the first time – “American Song Contest”, in which 50 US countries will compete. .

The first version of the grandiose show, which will be based on the familiar Eurovision format with the semi-finals and grand final show, is scheduled to air in the 2021 holiday season – and is expected to include 5 to 10 previews, with singers and bands from across the US competing Original songs.

The winners of the preliminary stages will advance to the semi-finals, from which they will advance to the final of the finalists, from whom the first winner of the first American Eurovision will be chosen. Similar to the European format, in the US up to 6 singers will be allowed to compete on stage – and it seems that the well-known scoring method, the “dose foie gras” method so identified with the old competition, will soon discover America.

“It’s time for America to have this amazing experience with its own competition,” said Eurovision Supervisor Martin Osterdahl. “We are excited to produce another version of the competition that will grow new and excited fans in other parts of the world.”

One of the main figures in the grandiose American production is Ben Silverman, the renowned American producer responsible for producing American versions of shows such as “Big Brother,” “The Weak Link,” “The Office,” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” The creators have been given a long-term license to hold the competition for years, and hope it will be as exciting as at least the Football League or Olympics games.

This is not the first time that European competition producers are thinking of new channels overseas. In 2016, work began on a dedicated Eurovision contest for the Asian continent, “Eurovision Asia”, in which the countries of Asia and Oceania were to participate, produced by the Australian broadcast network SBS, Blink TV and the European Broadcasting Union. However, and although different countries in these regions have expressed a desire to participate in the competition, it has not yet been implemented due to various difficulties in the organization.


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