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Now that all health care workers throughout the Netherlands are angry with the coalition parties, they are all going deeply through the dust in statements on their websites. They are so sorry, write the party chairmen of CDA and D66, and the web editorial staff of the ChristenUnie. But what they mostly regret is not their action. They did not openly admit that they wanted to run away.

Operation ‘damage control‘ started! Because why were 33 CDA members, VVD members, D66 members and CU members walked away so that a motion with regard to raising health care salaries could not be jointly voted on?

D66 party chairman Rob Jetten says that he will answer all questions “well understand“. This is very difficult to explain to people and therefore harmful to us as the House of Representatives ”,” he writes in a letter published on the D66 website. Without mentioning his name at that time, he accuses PVV leader Geert Wilders of violating a “gentlemen agreement“. Jetten does speak of a “dilemma”, an apparently pre-coordinated word that also appears in the statements of other coalition parties. Jetten: “We should have been immediately clear about this dilemma last night, when Wilders’ request was made to vote by roll call. We lacked that transparency, and we blame ourselves for that. ”

The CDA observes that no explanation has been given by the parties of Rutte III “has led to a lot of criticism”, “and that is frankly logical and rightly so”. In any case, the party denies having “run out,” although it is all “not a pretty picture.”

At the ChristenUnie they speak of a “wrong“. They had not explained their “dilemma” (one of their group members had to be from Groningen) “during the settlement in the plenary room.” It is also “clear that the agreement made this spring no longer works,” says Gert Jan Segers’ party.

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