Norris not happy: ‘hard tires are a mess’


At McLaren, not everything is going according to plan on the Friday training sessions of the Grand Prix of Spain. Carlos Sainz still has problems with his car, despite a new chassis, while Lando Norris complains about the hardest tire.

Norris calls the hardest of the three tires this weekend. “I have the feeling that I have more grip on rain tires than on these tires,” he says Sky Sports. He thinks drivers from other teams feel the same way. “The balance is fine on the softs and mediums, but when you switch to the hard tires, it’s terrible.”

Still, the young Briton speaks of a great Friday, although there is plenty to improve. The Barcelona circuit is tight, making overtaking difficult. Therefore Norris is aiming for a good qualifying so that he starts as far as possible. Reaching Q3 will be difficult, he thinks. “But we have a good chance,” he concludes.

Sainz not happy with chassis

On Thursday, the chassis of home driver Sainz was replaced due to the high temperatures that his MCL35 struggled with. However, that did not solve all problems, as it turned out on Friday. “We still see differences between the two cars,” says the Spaniard. His car, for example, needs more cooling than Norris’s. ‘And that takes a lot of time in one round. We have switched everything and the possibilities are starting to run out ‘, he concludes critically. (photo: McLaren F1 Media)


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