Non-contact corona test at the airport: this is how it’s going to work


Bina Company. AI, which is developing a remote marker system for medical markers, has announced the start of two pilot experiments with airports around the world, for non-contact corona tests. The checks will be carried out not only at the airports, but mainly at the check-out stage, using the passenger’s mobile phone. Subjects will be not only potential passengers but also the flight attendant staff.

In June, the company raised $ 13.5 million based on its diagnostic technology, from Maverick Ventures Israel, Esplanade Ventures, Sompo International, i-Angels and GITV. Contacts for recruitment began as early as last August, and possible applications in the Corona field led to its completion. Prior to that, the company raised $ 4.1 million.

David Maman, the company’s CEO, explains that: “Aviation is an industry based on the fact that we crowd a lot of people together and put them in a sensitive state of dependence, while giving them maximum security and maximum comfort,” says Maman. “Disinfect the plane as much as she wants, but the passengers will not feel safe if they think there is a sick passenger with them.”

He said: “Intelligence. AI enables telephone sensing of five medical metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen and respiratory rate, more disciplinary metrics for diagnosing corona than high fever, which does not exist in most patients at all.”

The big advantage of this technology, Maman says, is the ability to implement it quickly, without purchasing additional hardware. “When we talked to the companies, we wondered if they were interested in implementing such a test protocol when it could be another year, this strong fear of the corona would be over. But they said – here are all the security guidelines assimilated in the aviation world following the 9/11 crisis. “Medical security, it will probably be like that.”

As mentioned, at this stage the company is in two pilots with major airports in the world. “These are often not the most innovative bodies in the world, but they have realized that the ability to ensure health security is for them a matter of being or ceasing to be.”

When you prevent a person from flying, it has far-reaching consequences. Who actually sets the regulations under which a blue person will be defined, and approved to fly?
“We provide the capability but the airports are the ones that define the criteria in consultation with doctors, and according to the standard and legislation accepted in that country. “In a test of a pen, and maybe if it turns out negative, it will still be possible for that person to fly.”

In the days when their standard deals with wisdom. AI in the measurement of essential markers for remote medical services and insurance risk for insurance companies. The company is already in the sales phase, and is profitable. Mitzman indicates that its revenue target for the company for 2020, is $ 20-25 million.

Do you know your sensitivity and specificity in corona diagnosis?
“We are not a diagnostic corona test. This requires a very high accuracy in diagnosing corona. Asymptomatic patients, as much as they make up a significant portion of the corona patient population, do not appear at all. But patients with symptoms are probably more contagious, and at least, we Can save. “


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