“Noble and Micha were silent in front of the shaming for the girls”


Photo: Sports 5

Natcho. “Expect him to honor and sing the anthem” (Alan Schieber) | Photo: Sports 5

Trooper has not yet been in the Ministry of Culture and Sports for a hundred days, but he has had to face the challenges of an entire term. Following the Corona plague it was imposed due to doubt in the existence of the professional leagues in football and basketball, but in the end an outline was reached and even with the challenge of compensating the teams for the loss of revenue it stood thanks to the safety net. “I came into a tough period of Corona, which affects everyone and very much the culture and sports,” Trooper noted in an interview with Night Studio, “a lot of the branches are built on crowds, everything is problematic in the Corona period so I did not have a hundred days of grace, not even One hundred minutes of grace. Solutions must be given quickly. ”

“There were three things that were urgent to accomplish,” Trooper continued, “one, it’s the safety net. Finish its whole process that will allow the top leagues in football and basketball to open the season. True there are other leagues, but in the end they are the right marker. If the most popular leagues exist It says something about sports. The second thing is to get the calling votes in the world of facilities. There is no facilities program because it is over. “For preschoolers. In order to increase the base of the pyramid and impart deep values ​​of sports, we need to meet the children at a young age.”

As part of the safety net, an agreement was reached that the players’ contracts will be cut. Trooper: “It should be a lean year. The whole economy is badly affected by this thing and yes, it will also hurt the players’ salaries. It may have to be differential. A senior player’s salary is not the same as that of the young players. At the value and public level “I put my hand in my pocket and bring money to private groups, and at the same time they do not become more efficient and do not save on wages.”

Recently fan organizations affiliated with certain groups have been involved in violent incidents off the field. Trooper intends to fight this: “Violence is the root of all evil. Violence that begins in the bleachers rolls out so it is important to stop it in the bleachers. My difficult problem is not with the violent, but with the silent. Everyone who faces violence gives it legitimacy so I am not silent.”

“It bothered me that they were silent in front of the shaming” (Alan Schieber) | Photo: Sports 5

Trooper also referred to the storm surrounding the anthem, or the non-singing of the anthem by the captain, Beavers Natcho: “First of all, I wish the whole of Israeli society would have looked like the Israeli national football team. In recent years it has become a symbol of coexistence. To be proud of sports. Too often the discourse outside of sports is about our violent and difficult moment. Sometimes I want to say that things that happen in sports do not happen elsewhere in Israeli society. Regarding the anthem, I am Zionist and very proud of the anthem. I would like all players, especially the captain, to sing the anthem That’s the right thing to do. However, I do not want to go into these corners and read the lips of actors, if he said all the sentences, or the words. I understand the complexity. Specifically it is Natcho, he is not Jewish and in the anthem “It’s a bit difficult for him. I expect him to be respectful and direct. If he wants … a word here, a word there … I will not want to make a round of players. I do not want to turn the anthem into a background of controversy.”

In conclusion, Trooper also referred to the release of Omar Atzili and Dor Micha from Maccabi Tel Aviv, following the case that is being conducted in their case on suspicion of possessing a minor by consent: “I have no interest in continuing to ride them. Whatever is decided by the police is acceptable to me. Sport is a story of values. I was mainly bothered by the shaming done to the girls, they were silent. Also in their apology, and there were nice things I appreciated in the apology, I was missing a sentence ‘We call on the audience that supported us and our families – get down from the attacks on these girls. They are not to blame for the story. “All the discourse that has developed around the relationship with the girls is unhealthy and this is our opportunity to have a clear voice on this matter.”

“In this sense, I appreciate the owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv, with whom I have no personal acquaintance, and I am glad that he did not only make the professional consideration, but what I want to tell Israeli society. He said that there are things that are beyond the exiles and the sporting achievements. I’m not convinced that will be the case everywhere. After this act of Goldhaar, think how many players will think and be careful. Not in deeds, but also in expressions. I am a father to girls, I do not want my daughters to talk or be treated that way. In that sense, it is possible Goldhaar did an excellent job. ”


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