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In August 2017, the most expensive deal in world football was signed. Neymar was acquired by PSG for an inconceivable amount of 222 million euros in order to emerge from the shadow of the MSN trio (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) in Barcelona and become one who is no other than him.

Just a few months before that move, Neymar was the hero of Barça’s Remontade against the same Paris. In the famous game, he squeezed a penalty, scored the fourth and fifth goal and cooked up Sergei Roberto’s big and decisive goal. His only goal was to recreate the achievement, and this time get the credit for it as well.

Since joining the ranks of the French champions, PSG have looked excellent, but whenever the team reached the moment of truth, Neymar was injured. In the previous two seasons, the Brazilian missed a game due to an injury just on his birthday, and for five consecutive years the Brazilian has not played for one reason or another for exactly his sister’s birthday which takes place in March. He was not there when PSG were relegated in the last 16 last season against Manchester United and missed the second game against Real Madrid in relegation the season before.

Many claimed that these were intentional injuries and that the Brazilian put his personal good before the success of the team that paid him so much money. These allegations only intensified when rumors that we were unhappy with the club and looking to leave surfaced almost from the start.

But this year the story is different. The birthdays have already been celebrated, the injuries have passed and following the corona crisis, the decisive moments are played in the summer days in Lisbon. The irony is that this time, when Neymar is healthy, the rest of the team is injured.
Killian Ambape may be fit in the end, but Mauro Icardi is still in doubt, as are Tillo Kahrar, Levin Kurzawa and Marco Verratti injured. Angel Di Maria is suspended for accumulating yellow cards, along with the departure of Edinson Cavani and Thomas Monier who were released, the question arises – can Neymar carry out his personal remontade?

Only three games separate the Brazilian from winning the trophy with the big ears and it seems that this time he will do everything to achieve it. Just a few days ago, Neymar wrote words on his Instagram account that sound like a kind of mental calculation he made with himself during the long period without football. “I have learned a lot in the last three years,” said the 28-year-old Brazilian, who commented on his criticism: “I experienced moments of happiness and less good moments, especially difficult when I could not play due to injuries.”

In the run-up to the factory’s photo finish, which will begin with his team’s game against Atlanta (Wednesday, 22:00 live on SPORT5) Neymar sounded more than ever: “I believe that today I am in the best shape I have been. We want to end this season with a Champions League win. We will fight for it, we have never been so close.”

In the quarter-finals, as the buds of the Corona virus began to spread, Neymar was a partner in two of the three goals in the pair of games against Dortmund, which helped PSG advance to the quarter-finals. The Brazilian scored 19 goals this season and added 10 assists in 24 appearances in all competitions.

Because of his problematic nature and the game that is often perceived as extroverted, in which he humiliates his opponents and often exaggerates with falls on the grass, many forget how much talent a player who grew up in Santos has on his feet. This time more than ever, this is Neymar’s chance to become the hero of Paris and carry her to win the Champions League. This time he can finally get the title of leader he so longed for when he left Barcelona.


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