No pin machine: pay directly with your iPhone


This method goes much further and allows your iPhone to pay anywhere.

With Apply Pay and the smart apps from banks, your bank card can stay at home. By tapping a pin device with your iPhone, you can make a payment. This is possible thanks to the NFC technology. Technology that has been available on smartphones for years.

It is true that an intervention from another device is still required. In this example, therefore, a pin device. But what if you can pay directly with your iPhone without using a device? That may happen in the near future. Apple has bought a startup that specializes in this technology. Mobeewave, as the company is called, makes the NFC chip work in such a way that payments can be made among themselves. For example from your credit card (with NFC) to the smartphone or from smartphone to smartphone. In this story, the iPhone itself is the pin device.

Apple often buys startups. There is no guarantee that the technology will actually be used in the end. The American tech company is said to have paid $ 100 million for the startup from Canada, Bloomberg said. Both Apple and Mobeewave did not respond to the reports.


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