“No more complaints and sawing”


The Jupiler Pro League, and just about all Belgian football, has been on fire in recent days. Waasland-Beveren demanded that their imposed relegation be unjustified, and the East Flemish were also right.

Therefore, the Pro League decided to then include Waasland-Beveren in 1A next season, meaning that more than 16 teams would play. On Sunday, OH Leuven and Beerschot will complete the promotion final among themselves, as a result of which theoretically 17 teams would play in 1A. However, the Pro League decided to choose 18 teams next season, as a result of which Waasland-Beveren, OH Leuven and Beerschot will play in 1A. This was the most logical and sensible solution, which was already on the Pro League table in May, but for which no majority was found. Analyst Eric Van Meir hopes that it will now be settled with lawsuits, disputes and complaints, such as the majority of Belgian football fans.

POLL: Should a new wind blow through the Pro League?


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