No meeting was scheduled between Shasha-Biton and coalition officials


The chairman of the Corona committee announced that as long as she remains in office, she will make decisions on the basis of data only.


Photo: Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90

Will you chair the committee? The chairman of the Corona Committee, Yifat Shasha Bitton, clarified today (Sunday) that she will continue to make decisions on the basis of data and not according to other criteria. “There are no personal matters, and this is how the discussions will continue as long as I am in office.”

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“The Corona Committee is holding substantive, in-depth and transparent discussions for the public and its benefit,” said Shasha-Bitton. “We listen to the positions of the government, professionals, business owners and representatives of the public and examine things while maintaining the balance between the medical benefit and the socio-economic damage of each decision.”

“The data has been and will remain a cornerstone in decision-making and I will continue to stand for their vitality. I welcome the fact that more and more parties are agreeing with the way. I am in favor of health, the economy and society and only against the virus. In the position, I will continue with the same values. ”

It should be noted that the chairman of the coalition and the chairman of the Likud faction, Miki Zohar, informed Shasha-Biton of her removal last week as part of the sanctions on Likud members who did not align with government policy. However, the dismissal requires the approval of the Knesset committee, which also includes blue and white members.

The intention to oust him provoked much criticism from the public, who cherished Shasha Bitton’s activities in the Committee for Business Owners and the General Public.


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