No mask yet, but more sales: they will have it in house


“In recent weeks I have really noticed an increase in the sales of mouth masks,” says a Bossche market saleswoman. Although not one municipality in Brabant has yet obliged people to wear these protective equipment, the sellers of mouth masks are already seeing an increase. And that while a large part of the people of Brabant prefer not to wear a mask.

“Many people think that it will go there anyway. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are already tackling and then there will undoubtedly be cities to follow,” explains the saleswoman. In the event that such a duty is introduced, the buyers will probably have one in house. At a market stall down the road, they can confirm that thought: “That will come here, too.”

Fortunately, the Bushmen have plenty of choice. In addition to the plain white and black caps, there are also plenty of colorful variants. “The favorite is of course the Brabants Bontje or one with the Oeteldonkse colors. The men prefer a cool military print, very typical”, the maternity owner explains her collection. Many of the caps she sells are made by people with disabilities.

Opinions divided
And yet almost half of the people of Brabant do not see a mouth mask obligation, according to a poll by Omroep Brabant. About 47 percent indicated that they prefer not to see that face masks are mandatory in their municipality.

If you want to spot someone with a mask in Den Bosch on Saturday, you have to search for a long time. There is therefore no extreme crowds and it seems easy to keep the 1.5 meters away from other citygoers. “It has not been proven whether the mouth masks make sense,” explains a woman’s choice. “If everyone keeps distance, it’s fine.”

In the video you can see how they view a mask in Den Bosch.


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